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Advance Planning Insurance can write Workers compensation. We can offer Workers comp with Nationwide, Hartford, Liberty Mutual, Markel, BTIS. Travelers, CNA, Am Trust. Employers, and Chartis.  We a have a broad selection of companies, which means we can offer,  broad range of coverage. READ MORE >>

30 day money challenge #11 Have a loss, or need repairs or maintenance on your home? Whether its cosmetic, repairs, replacement, never get just one estimate. It is always smart to get several from different places.  If you have a loss and don't know what to do? READ MORE >>

#30 day money challenge #9 Surcharges for both Accidents and violations have increased significantly over the past few years. We can help to eliminate some of the auto insurance increase headaches. Having this feature can save you a lot of money if an accident where to occur, and lets face it, accidents happen and so do Minor Violations. READ MORE >>

30 day money challenge #6 Why Life insurance through your employer might not be enough? 1.Your employer may not have enough life insurance. While basic employer provided life insurance is low cost or free, your policies death benefit for your loved ones may not be high enough to replace your income. READ MORE >>

 30 day money challenge #4 Tips to pay your home off faster! Did you know, you can eliminate PMI( private mortgage insurance) from your payment when the value of your home is equal or less then 80% of the market value? You can talk with your current lender about taking off PMI or look at refinancing options. READ MORE >>

30 day money challenge #3 Look over any retirement vehicles you have and set goals and predictions for the future. Is your 401 k enough, do you have a 401k or any other retirement?  Life insurance is a great tool to help with retirement income. We can help! READ MORE >>

30 day money challenge #2 Protect your assets by making sure your liability limits are adequate on your auto insurance policy. Hopefully you are already insured with us, we pride ourselves on protecting you. Liability insurance helps protect you in the even of a lawsuit in a auto accident  If you need a lot of asset protection, you can writ a 1 or 2 million umbrella policy READ MORE >>

30 day money challenge #1  Lets just dive into it! Sometimes impulsive behaviors can lead to debt. Trying to decide needs vs wants. 2 different ways you can start to get out of debt. 1. Start with the lowest balance credit card, then move to the next 2. Or the way I prefer! READ MORE >>

The cost for the surcharge for accidents and violations are sharply on the rise the last few years. No worries we have a company that we can offer accident an minor violation forgiveness. When that fender bender happens you can relax and breathe a little easier. Please contact us at 801-756-6236 , READ MORE >>

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